Burton Spas

Our mission is to deliver the best spa for the dollar that you can buy, to leave as little a footprint as possible behind. Along the way we have found that these 2 philosophies actually go hand in hand. When we stopped wasting we stopped spending.

Every part of our business model revolves around this belief.Spa-9

1) Use quality parts and materials that keep products in service and out of landfills. When he have the opportunity to switch to better components and still deliver great value to end consumers we do it. We think of it as short-term pain for long-term gain.

2) Use recyclable materials so when the day comes (if it does) that your unit cannot be reasonably repaired that it can be recycled and used again as something else. In fact, there is no material wastage in that all of the material is consumed in making the part. In the event that trimming is required that material is reused.

3) Reduce our carbon footprint every way possible. No wasted paper except where required by law.

4) Insulated and built for efficiency to minimize energy consumption – tested to exceed California Energy Commission standards for energy efficiency. As other standards appear we are committed to meeting those too.

5) Home office policy. Whenever possible we encourage our non-production staff to save the commute and work from home offices.

6) Use only components from known sources – the closer the better -which means less freight and you can expect many local supplier partners and very few parts of overseas origin.

Spa-47) No wood – nothing to rot. Need we say more?

8) No special delivery equipment required – this product can be loaded in a truck, taken to location, and literally rolled into place.
9) Simple effective design – service is easy there is an on-line video for virtually everything no need for a service person to come to your house

10) One design for all users –the favorite features of all of the models we once sold have been rolled into one unit. No other spas in this class compares for size, depth, full-water, or comfort – what does this mean to you?

  • a. No expensive showroom costs because a full- stocking store only needs one spa
  • b. Logistics as simple as they get.
  • c. A high likelihood that you will be sitting in hot water quicker than you would have imagined.

11) Electrical all included – easy to install – easy to move. Burton Spas just plug into a dedicated wall socket. No need to pay expensive electrical contractors. This could easily save you up to $1000!!!